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Séquenceur Metro 6.2

Microsoft Windows Support is available in Version 6.4.9 and later. 
Metro 7 supports Windows 32 bit and 64 bit natively. 
Metro is written in C++ and is heavily optimized for ultimate performance on all platforms.
Intel Macintosh Support available in version 6.3.4 and later.

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  Metro Metro LX Metro SE  
Feature General Comment
Microsoft Windows support yes yes yes Native x64 and x86 (32 bit) support. XP or greater.
Intel Mac support yes yes yes As of version 6.3.4, all of our products are Universal Binaries. (PPC + Intel)
Sections 25000 16 8 Sections are songs or parts of songs such as verse or chorus.
Tracks/Section 99 48 32 Number of tracks per section.
Subsections 64 64 64 Subsections are sections that are recursively placed in tracks.
Audio Tracks 128† 16* 8* Number of audio tracks.
Prior to 7.0, 64. *Fewer prior to version 6.2 (10 LX and 4 SE).
Aux Busses 8 2 2 Aux busses provide for flexible routing of audio data and effect plug-ins.
Lead Generator yes no no Creates amazing leads and is extremely flexible.7.3 or later only.
ReWire yes† yes† yes† † Versions of Metro 6.2 and greater support ReWire. Rewire requires free aux buss.

Plug-Ins Unlimited 24 EFX 6 Synth* 8 EFX 2 Synth* AudioUnit (OS X) and VST 2.0 Support. *Fewer prior to version 6.3.7 (LX 16) & 6.2 (10 LX and 4 SE).
AudioUnit OS X yes OS X Convert synthesizer plug-in output to audio simply by mixing tracks.
VST yes yes yes Convert synthesizer plug-in output to audio simply by mixing tracks.
Premiere OS 9 no OS 9 Premiere plug-ins work in OS 9 only.
Automation full no no Automate all plug-in parameters, wet, dry, bypass and more.
Automation Editing yes no no Graphic editing of all available plug-in automation parameters.
Off-line edits unlimited unlimited unlimited Unlimited off-line effects edits.
Multiple outputs yes yes yes Multiple configurable outputs for track inserts as of 6.3.6.

 Side chains




 Route multiple inputs from other tracks.

Automation yes yes yes Flying audio volume faders and pan knobs are fully automatable.
Automation Editing yes yes yes Graphic editing of all available automation parameters.
Mix Tracks To Audio yes yes yes Drag-and-drop editing of audio.
Freeze Tracks yes yes yes Freeze tracks to conserve CPU for softsynths or automation.
Multitrack Digital Audio Record. yes yes yes Audio file compression with QuickTime.
Sample rate 96khz 96khz 96khz Professional quality audio.
Sample bits 32 32††† 16 Record at variable sampling rates up to 96kHz and sample sizes up to 16 or 32 bits. †††LX is 32 bit ready as of version 6.4 or later.
Merge Audio yes yes yes Mix audio directly to waveform.
Normalize yes yes yes Maximize audio signal.
Scale Amplitude yes yes yes Change volume.
Scale Time yes no no Resample or Time-stretch.
Transpose yes no no Transpose audio to change pitch or pitch-stretch.
Fade yes yes yes Edit and process with sample accuracy.
Cross Fade yes no no Apply audio effects in real-time and make off-line edits.
Split Stereo Tracks yes yes yes Drag and drop editing of audio regions.
Remove Silence yes yes yes Saves disk space when saved as a compacted bundle file.
Combine Regions yes yes yes Creates a new audio file.
Audio Scrubbing yes no no 3 types of scrubbing, including shuttle scrub.
Software Audio Thru yes no no Provides the ability to hear plug-ins in real time while recording.
Zoom Editing yes yes yes Edit audio down to the sample level.

Drag Bar Lines yes yes yes Drag bar lines to adjust the tempo to an audio region or rubato playing.
Context-sensitive searchable Online Help .yes yes yes  
Change ports yes yes yes Easily update output ports after transfering files.
Note Pad yes yes yes Keep notes on the current document.
Markers yes yes yes unlimited number of markers.
Group Tracks yes yes yes Group track can be muted and soloed all at once.
Independent Track Looping yes yes yes Every track can be looped at its end. MIDI & soft-synth tracks can have multiple loop points.

Effects 100's no no Quicktime movie based effects supported.
Movie Tracks 99 no no With video thumbnails in the Graphic Editor.
Export Types all no no All QuickTime movie export formats.

Play back file types many many many MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AIFF and other Quicktime supported file types.
Write Mp3, Mp4, OggVorbis and many others yes yes yes OggVorbis is a file type competitive with MP3. MP3 conversion requires the LAME converter.
ID3 tags R/W R/W R/W ID3 tags in MP3 files contain information such as artist and song name.
Batch Audio Conversion yes yes yes Batch convert audio files from literally 100's of file types to any other file type including Apple Lossless, MP3, MP4, and many more. Some file types require Quicktime 7.

Keyboard yes yes yes Keyboard allows entry of MIDI data via the Mac keyboard or mouse.
Real Time Arpeggiator yes yes (6.4) yes (6.4) Works with softsynths and external MIDI gear. Includes a myriad of features and is extremely powerful.
Notation yes (6.1) no no OS X support for (MIDI) notation in version 6.1 and later
Printing yes (6.1) no no OS X support for (MIDI) notation printing in version 6.1 and later
Multitrack MIDI yes yes yes Have many MIDI tracks.
Record modes 5 5 5 Step record, punch in-out, loop record, sound on sound record, and multi-take record modes.
Remote Control yes yes (6.4) yes (6.4) The ability to map controllers, control devices remotely, set step entry and more in real-time. Also presets with built-in support for certain control surfaces.
Chord Mode yes no no Step enter chords by name.
Scales and chords yes no no Scale editor allows creation of scales and chords.
Favorite Controllers yes yes yes Specify favorite MIDI control numbers for menus.
Drum Editor yes yes yes Create and Edit custom drum sets.
Input Quantize yes yes yes Quantize on MIDI input.
Destructive Quantize yes yes† yes† †Not including Groove Quantize or Quantize to track.
Play Quantize yes yes yes Non-destructive Quantize.
Groove Quantize yes no no Including Save, Delete and Paste grooves.
Chasing yes yes yes MIDI chasing of events.
MMC yes no no MIDI Machine Control.
Clock Sync yes yes yes MIDI clock synchronization.
MTC Sync yes no no MIDI Time Code synchronization.
Record Criteria yes yes yes Allow filtering of MIDI events on record.
Record Looping yes yes yes Song building and multiple take modes.
Program Names yes yes yes Open/Save import .ins files and more.
MIDI Setup yes yes yes MSS(Core MIDI)/OMS Support.
Rhythm Explorer Algorithms 20 1 1 Rhythm Explorer is an extremely powerful feature for generating melodic rhythm patterns.
Rhythm Explorer Presets yes yes yes Presets are downloaded separately for SE.
Spray Paint Tool yes yes yes Many customizable parameters.
PPQN 24 - 960 24 - 960 24 - 960 Parts per quarter note.
Duration yes yes yes Many operation on durations.
Velocity yes yes yes Many operation on velocities.
Humanize yes yes** no Add variation to overly quantized material. ** added to LX in version
Transpose yes yes yes Many Transpose operations.
Harmonize yes no no Easily create harmonies within a scale.
Reverse yes no no Invert or retrograde.
Channel yes yes yes Change MIDI channels.
Shift yes yes yes Adjust timing of selection.
Scale Time yes no no Automatically reverse scale tempos, time stretch or resample audio/video and more.
Continuous data yes yes yes Controllers, Aftertouch, Pitchbend, etc.
Pitch Bend yes yes yes Specify pitch bend in cents.
Limit yes yes yes Specify controller limits.
Thin Continuous yes yes yes Delete extraneous controller data.
Tempo yes yes yes Multiple tempo changes allowed.
Time/Key Signatures yes yes yes Multiple time and key signature changes allowed.
Extract graphic / event / dialog graphic / event / dialog** graphic / event Extract specific MIDI data from tracks via graphic editor, event editor or extract dialog. ** added to LX in version
Expand by Channel yes yes yes Convert a MIDI type 0 file to multi-track.
Expand by Drums yes yes yes Put each drum sound on a separate track.
Expand by Loops yes yes yes Convert loops to linear data.
Merge yes yes yes Two tracks to one.
Merge Tracks to New yes yes yes Merge multiple tracks to one.
MIDI Thru yes yes yes Use the computer as a MIDI thru device.
Import MIDI file 0, 1 & 2 0, 1 & 2 0, 1 & 2 Import of all current types.
Export MIDI file 0 & 1 0 & 1 0 & 1 Export of types 0 and 1.
Insert Sysex file yes yes yes Inserts system exclusive data from a file.
Tap Tempo yes yes no Tap keyboard to determine tempo of song.
Set Selection yes yes no Allow textual entry of time selection by sample or by bar, beat and clock.
Selection Filter yes no no Allow selection of MIDI events by special criteria.
MIDI Scrubbing yes yes†† yes†† Graphic editor scrubbing. ††Available in the list editor only.