Metro 6 LX System Requirements*

  • Apple Macintosh PowerPC (>200Mhz processor recommended).
  • OS X, 10.2 or higher required.
  • 64 MB RAM minimum.
  • 10 MB available hard disk space.
  • For recording/playback at greater than 44.1 khz third party audio hardware may be required.
  • Core Audio support may require compatible hardware and/or drivers.
  • Fast hard disk (7200 rpm) strongly recommended.
  • Internet connection required for registration. Optional for web help.
    Metro LX is an OS X application package. It will not operate under OS 9.x.

Please see the announcements section of the Metro Forum for more information on particular releases and pre-releases.

See Also: Metro Frequently Asked Questions.

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*system requirements subject to change without notice.